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Our Company Provides Expert Solutions Of Temple Drawing Service. Our Creative Artist Will Help You Seeing Your Ideas On Paper. We Are Updated With All The Latest Techniques Of Drawing Which Enable Us To Draw Your Dream Temple. Keeping An Eye On Complete Detailing, We Also Draw Computerized Samples Of Temples. Due To Our Customer-Centered Approach, We Have Developed A Large Client Base.

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Expert Of Indian Architecture Design

With years of experience, we are providing our customers’ huge needs by offering high-quality Hindu and Jain temple design services.

Construction Specialist Of Indian Architecture

For years of experience, we are catering to the wider needs of our customers by providing maximum quality of Hindu and Jain temple construction services.

Expert Of The Interior Decor Of Stone

Kundan Shilp, a leading manufacturer, suppliers, wholesalers, and trading of this extremely impeccable range of impeccable and natural stone and sculpture.

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Specialized In Temple Design And Construction

We have completed many projects of Indian architectural crafts in the last 90 years. We have done more than 480 works of Indian and architectural crafts which are for different culture and different religions in India. Shri Bhudarlal Moolshankar Sompura started this architectural work in the year 1927. After him, his son Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura took over this task. He has named this company “Kundan Shilp” to his personal profession. After him, his son Mr. Bhupatbhai Ramshankar Sompura has carried this company forward till 2010 and now his sons Mr. Ajaybhai Bhupatbhai Sompura and Mr. Bhaveshbhai Bhupabhai Sompura are managing this company. After this we got the honor to introduce myself. Ajaybhai B Sompura and Bhavesh Sompura are the owners of Kundan crafts, an expert in the construction of the temple, Vaastu Shastra and craft and sandstone mines, in Dhrangadhra. For centuries, Sompura is known for its Indian architecture and craftsmanship, and even my family is also playing this tradition. We have planned, designed, built many temples all over India. We have also restored and protected the rich architectural wonders of India – houses of gods, emperors, kings, and people. In fact, the Archaeological Survey of India relies on our expertise and skill to restore the heritage. Recognition and acceptance are not only recognized by the Indian Government but also foreign ministries. Today, by mixing the art of complex hand carving with machine carving, we are bringing this beautiful art carved stone of the fourth generation closer to you. We are building many temples and according to the design of every stone made by the craftsmen of ours, by doing artificial bulbs in stone, our survival is still in keeping our architecture still alive.

With his immense efforts,
Kundan Shilp were brought to this height

Mr. Bhudarlal Moolshankar Sompura.

Our great grandfather started this architectural work in the year 1927

Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura

Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura did this work till 1965. He named his personal profession "Kundan Shilp".

Mr. Bhupatbhai Ramshankar Sompura

Under the strict supervision of his father, Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura, he moved this company from 1965 to 2010.

Our Team

Mr. Bhavesh Sompura

Chief Temple Architect (Shilpacharya)

Mr. Parth Sompura

Production Department Administrator


1Shree Bholeswar Mhadev Temple – Soldi, Dhrangadhra12Shree Jain Temple – Umrara – Botad23Shree Jain Temple – Morvada
2Shree Hanumanji Temple – Nagdka – Malvan13Shree Minaldevi Vav – Virpur24Shree Veraimataji Temple – Morvada
3Shree Shulpaniswar Mhadev Temple – Kevdiya Koloni – Vdodra14Shree Hanuman Temple – Rajkot25Shree Jain Temple – Kalana
4Shree Ambajimata Temple – Hariya Park – Vapi15Shree Bhaktivan – Chotila26Shree Ramji Temple – Khambhoraj
5Shree Meldimataji Temple – Patan 16Shree Jalaram Temple – Visavadr27Shree Jain Temple – Borsad
6Shree Radda Krishn Temple – R K College – Rajkot17Shree Sonalmataji Temple – Kathda28Shree Jain Temple – Kavitha
7Shree Jain Temple – Siddhpur18Shree Siababa Temple – Rajkot29Shree Ambajimataji Temple – Veravl
8Shree Jain Temple – Mjadar – Chhapi – Banaskathha19Shree Hafeswar Mhadev Temple – Bodeli30Shree Jain Temple – Vadhavan
9Shree Jain Temple – Metrana – Siddhpur20Koprni Village Entrance Gate – Koparni31Shree Ramji Temple – Aadri
10Shree Jain Temple – Petlad21Rajwadu Hotel – Ahmadabad 32Shree Jagdiswar Mhadev Temple – Japur – Gir Somnath
11Shree Jain Temple – Harad – Khedbrahma22Shree Kunj Party Plot – Ahmadabad33Shree Surapuradada Temple – Amrelli
    34Shree Surapuradada Temple – Pddhari
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