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Temple Designs & Interior Items In All Types Of Stones With Various Type Of Stone Carving In Indian Style With Use Of Vaastu & Shilp Shastra

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With years of experience, we are providing our customers’ huge needs by offering high-quality Hindu and Jain temple design services.

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For years of experience, we are catering to the wider needs of our customers by providing maximum quality of Hindu and Jain temple construction services.

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Kundan Shilp, a leading manufacturer, suppliers, wholesalers, and trading of this extremely impeccable range of impeccable and natural stone and sculpture.

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We have completed many projects of Indian architectural crafts in the last 90 years. We have done more than 480 works of Indian and architectural crafts which are for different culture and different religions in India. Shri Bhudarlal Moolshankar Sompura started this architectural work in the year 1927. After him, his son Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura took over this task. He has named this company “Kundan Crafts” to his personal profession. After him, his son Mr. Bhupatbhai Ramshankar Sompura has carried this company forward till 2010 and now his sons Mr. Ajaybhai Bhupatbhai Sompura and Mr. Bhaveshbhai Bhupabhai Sompura are managing this company.


With his immense efforts, Kundan Shilp were brought to this height

Mr. Bhudarlal Moolshankar Sompura.

Our great grandfather started this architectural work in the year 1927

Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura

Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura did this work till 1965. He named his personal profession "Kundan Shilp".

Mr. Bhupatbhai Ramshankar Sompura

Under the strict supervision of his father, Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura, he moved this company from 1965 to 2010.

Indian Architecture

The specialty of Indian architecture is in the excellent and abundant embellishment of the walls. Scheme of graffiti and idols, in which besides the ornamentation also expresses serious feelings of its subject

Indian Hindu Temple

From Fire to Water.

from fire to water, goddesses of nature idols, from males to males, from kama to arms, transient sounds and incense. Man’s fragrance – eternal fidelity, yet universal – is part of the architecture of the Hindu temple. In order to help the spiritual know-how and the meaning of the architectural elements in the Hindu temple, it is designed to act as a link between man and God, the salvation of it is called moksha.

The Architectural

The architectural theories of Hindu temples in India are described in Shilpa Shastra and Vastu Shastra. Hindu culture has promoted aesthetic independence to its temple-makers, and its architects have used considerable flexibility in creative expression by adopting other complete geometry and mathematical theories in the formation of a temple to express Hindu life.

What Our Clients Say

Indian architecture is one that has made India proud all over the world. And this type of architecture "Kundan Shilp" has blessed our family by undertaking the construction of our Sri Surapura Dada Temple
Mr. Nimishbhai Ganatra
Akila Press, Rajkot
The work of renovation of the Mahadev temple of our village was entrusted to Kundan Shilp, who according to the rules of Indian architecture, this temple has been rendered artistic and well-decorated. This work of Kundan Shilp gives us complete satisfaction.
Mr. Rajsibhai jotva
X MLA Somnath
Shri Ajaybhai Sompura and Shri Bhaveshbhai Sompura at Kundan Crafts Company did a fantastic job and built an incredible temple of "Sri Hanumanji Maharaj" in the famous "Hanuman Marhi Circle" of Rajkot, Gujarat. He has done this work with his great knowledge of Indian architecture.
Mr. Ajaybhai D. Patel
"Rajavadu", a themed restaurant spread over 12,000 square yards, represents the ancient culture and lifestyle of villages in India. Its construction work faced many problems during the tenure of Kundan Crafts. However, Kundan Shilp made our dreams come true by crossing all the problems with their skillful strategy and wit, we sincerely thank Kundan Shilp.
Mr. Prajeshbhai Patel
Rajwadro Restaurant Founder

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