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Kundan Shilp

Temple Architect & Contractor

For Temple
​Temple Designs & Interior Items In All Types Of Stones With Various Type Of Stone Carving In Indian Style With UseOf Vastu & Shilp Shashra


Expert of Indian architecture

With years of experience, we are providing our customers’ huge needs by offering high quality Hindu and Jain temple design services.

Construction specialist of Indian architecture

For years of experience, we are catering to the wider needs of our customers by providing maximum quality Hindu and Jain temple construction services.

Expert of the interior decorative of stone

Kundan Crafts, a leading manufacturers, suppliers, wholesalers and trading of this extremely impeccable range of impeccable and natural stone and sculpture.

Specializing In Temple Design And Construction

We Have Done Many Projects Of Indian Vaastu Shilp In Last 90 Years. We Have Done More Than 480 Works Of Indian And Vastu Shilp For Different Culture And Different Religions In India. Shree Bhudarlal Mulshanker Sompura Started This Vastu Shilp Work In 1927 Years. After Him, His Son Shree Ramshanker Bhudarlal Sompura Carried Out This Work. He Has Given “Kundanshilp” Name Of This Company For His Personal Profession. After Him, His Son Shree Bhupatbhai Ramshanker Sompura Has Carried Out This Company Till The 2010 Year And Now A Day’s His Sons Shree Ajaybhai Bhupatbhai Sompura And Shree Bhaveshbhai Bhupatbhai Sompura Are Managing This Company.

Keep Indian architecture alive.

Temple Architect Kundan Shilp According To All Religious Structures, Specifications, And Designs, And Styles In India, Hindu Temple Vaastu Ancient Indian Temples Intend To Do Their Work As A Religion For Religious Beliefs, Religious Temples Of Temples And Temples. Find Out More About Temple Architect Kundan Shilp

Bhavesh Sompura And Associates Architects Are Experts In A Hindu Temple And Jain Temple In India. We Are The Main Craftsman And Architect Of A Jain Temple And A Hindu Temple. Architect Bhavesh Sompura Experiences The Architecture Of A Hindu Temple, The Temple Of Hindu Gods And Indian Temples In Ashtakutmanam, The Temple Known For Vaastu Shastra In India.

We Are The Architect And Producer Of Kundan Shilp, An Indian Hindu And Jain Temple Who Specializes In Architecture And Architecture Studies. Talk With The Expertise Of Our Highly Skilled, Famous Hindu Temple Architecture, According To Vaastu Shastra, The Ancient Indian Temple Is. We Are The Architect And Producer Of India’s Main Hindu Temple And Are The Executive In The Temple Of Temple Architecture And Idols.

Kundan Shilp Temple Architects India – Dhrangadhra, Hindu Temple Architecture, And Hindu Temple Architect Bhavesh Sompura Will Feel Free To Contact, Who Are Famous Experts Of Temple Architecture In Dhrangadhra. We Have A Group Of Professionals Specializing In The Construction Of Hindu Goddesses And Temples, Which Work According To The Rules Of Vaastu Shastra And Hindu Temple Crafts.

Indian Architecture

The specialty of Indian architecture is in the excellent and abundant embellishment of the walls. Scheme of graffiti and idols, in which besides the ornamentation also expresses serious feelings of its subject

Hindu temple architecture

The main form of Hindu architecture has many varieties in the making of the Hindu temple, although the original form of the Hindu temple remains the same, in which an essential feature is the inner house, the fetal grid or the womb space, where the image of the primary idol or a goddess is kept in a simple bear cell Is there. There are other structures and buildings in most of the cases covering the other chambers often around this chamber. On the outer part, the Garhastha is crowned by a tower like Shikhara, which is also known as the Meru Tower of Vimna and Balinese temple in the south. The temple’s building consisted of frequent trips (circumambulation), a cemetery board, and sometimes an interval between antechamber and uterine and mandapa. There may be more temples or other buildings, connected or separated, together with other small temples in large temples, in the joint parts. The synthesis of the architecture arts of the Hindu temple, reflects the principles of religion, beliefs, values ​​and way of life under Hinduism. Temple Tirtha – is a place for pilgrimage. All the cosmic elements of creating and celebrating life in The Hindu temple are present in the Hindu temple,

from fire to water, goddesses of nature idols, from males to males, from kama to arms, transient sounds and incense. Man’s fragrance – eternal fidelity, yet universal – is part of the architecture of the Hindu temple. In order to help the spiritual know-how and the meaning of the architectural elements in the Hindu temple, it is designed to act as a link between man and God, the salvation of it is called moksha.

The architectural theories of Hindu temples in India are described in Shilpa Shastra and Vastu Shastra. Hindu culture has promoted aesthetic independence to its temple-makers, and its architects have used considerable flexibility in creative expression by adopting other complete geometry and mathematical theories in the formation of a temple to express Hindu life.

What my clients say

indian architecture is that which has given glory to India in the whole world. And such architecture Kundan Shilp has blessed our family by performing the construction of the temple of our Shree Surishdada
Mr. Nimishbhai Ganatra
Akila Press, Rajkot
The work of renovation of the Mahadev temple of our village was entrusted to Kundan Shilp, who according to the rules of Indian architecture, this temple has been rendered artistic and well-decorated. This work of Kundan Shilp gives us complete satisfaction
Mr. Rajsibhai jotva
X MLA Somnath
Mr. Ajaybhai Sompura and Mr. Bhaveshbhai Sompura at Kundan Shilp Company done a great job and make an incredible temple of “Shree Hanumanji Maharaj” at famous “Hanuman madhi circle” in Rajkot, Gujarat. They done this job with their great knowledge of Indian Architecture and Sculpture.
Mr.Ajaybhai D. Patel

“The Indian architecture is known for its glorification of the whole world”

Watch my Indian Architecture Design Gallery

Expert of the interior decoration of stone

Natural Stone as Your Interior Design Decoration Stone is a natural material that will add to your inner intensity, if used as a trunk or decoration. The smooth stone walls made of granite or marble will give your room an attractive and modern look.

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