There is a wonderful cave

There is a wonderful cave

There is a wonderful cave among the Himalayan plains, such a cave, inside which there are more than 10 thousand Kandra’s.

There is a wonderful cave among the Himalayan plains, such a cave, inside which there are more than 10 thousand tubers, which you probably would not have known. It is said that most of the routes of those caves are where no humans have reached till today. Years ago, when that cave was examined, it was found out that it is the same cave which is mentioned in the Skanda Purana, about which it was said that in this cave 33 crore deities will reside … Will appear with.

There have been some such mysteries here for centuries, which have not been solved to date. The Skanda Purana, written thousands of years ago, which finds mention in Manaskhand, of Patal Bhubaneswar. called Devaloka, the abode of 33 crore goddesses, which was also considered the beginning of creation. And the end of the earth

IBN7 also team in search of that wonderful world between Earth and Hades. To find out whether those stories of the Puranas are really true. That gate of Patala is still present in Pithoragarh i.e. these Himalayas.

Although hundreds of devotees visit this temple every day, but not every person can muster the courage to enter that dark cave, but we had decided that the path is as difficult as we want … Today we will go to that cave. For the first time, we will put it in front of the world. We have reached that cave of Himalayan Bhubaneshwar … This is the way .. You are looking at a very small estuary… So, let’s start the journey. Interior Kakkjhan will see supernatural power …)

Our team entered into that deep cave, with some time of light arrangements have been made in that cave… But there is still strange darkness still there. With the help of that chain, we started coming down, so this cave is close It is 8000 years old… But it is believed that this cave was discovered by Adi Shankaracharya in the 8th century i.e. Kali Yuga.

There are also about 80 steps to enter the cave, but most of the paths are where two humans cannot go together. As we kept coming down, the heartbeat kept growing, perhaps because the amount of oxygen in this cave is also very low is.

Do you know who was the first female doctor of India?

So finally, we reached the area where the stairs start… There is a very difficult way to get down but once you come down you will feel that there is some power here

We were told that everything we will see in this cave… is not the creation of any craftsman… but it is all created by Lord Brahma himself. From the Satyuga to the Kaliyuga, every story of the universe as already written Had gone

The Skanda Purana states that the mystery of when the end of the Kali-yuga will end, is hidden in the cave of Himalaya Bhubaneswar and after coming here, we were actually shown pictures of that mystery … what we found in that cave. It is told in the Puranas that the secret of the destruction of Kalyug is also hidden in the same Himalayan Bhubaneshwar and after coming here we really saw that story.

This rock showing the presence of Kali Yuga is currently one and a half feet …. while its distance from the universe is said to be 3 feet. Everything we saw in Patal Bhubaneswar … Everything you heard. It is not just anyone’s imagination … These stories were not woven by any human… Rather the secret is that every rock, every story present here has been mentioned in Skanda Purana thousands of years ago.

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