Pran Pratishtha Festival

Indian Architecture

The specialty of Indian architecture is in the excellent and abundant embellishment of the walls. Scheme of graffiti and idols, in which besides the ornamentation also expresses serious feelings of its subject

Pran Pratishtha Of The Temple Built By Kundan Shilp


The foundations are dug first and in a prominent place within them, usually a primary load-bearing column, or in the case of a temple directly to the sanctum sanctorum and the area below the throne, a deep hole is dug. Again, the auspicious time is selected and preparations are made. The ceremony is specifically designed to ward off any ill effects that the land may allow. The land is pure. Who can guess what atrocities and crimes were committed on selected lands in the past!

Prana Pratistha

Prana Pratistha vows to refer to the rite or ceremony by which an idol (image of a deity) is anointed in a Hindu temple, in which the deity and mantra are recited to invite the deity to the abode, and the idol. The eye is opened for the first time. Prevalent in the temples of Hinduism and Jainism, the ritual is believed to influence life in a Hindu temple and is brought to the glorious presence of divinity and spirituality.

Shilanyas Festival Of The Temple, Built By Kundan Shilp

Pranapratishta Festival Of The Temple, Built By Kundan Shilp

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