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Temple Architects

We are Indian temple architects. We have done many projects of Indian architect in the last 94 years. We have been in India since 530 as architects of various religions

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Temple Architects

We can manage the work
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We inspect the place of construction of the temple before going to the floor and evaluate the direction, income, constellation, expenditure, and share. Our skilled professionals work rigorously on it and develop a brilliant plan for the Indian architectural design and temple architect who gives every little bit of information about it.

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Kundan Shilp

Temple Architecture & Contractor

Our 94 years of experience in the field of Indian architectural designing inspires us to come out of the comfort zone and give some aesthetically stunning designing themes.

Our Story

Kundan Shilp Temple Architect is one of the foremost firms in the architecture and fraternity of Indian architecture. We are an enthusiastic team of Indian architecture that focuses on artistically amazing and highly skilled Indian architectural design and temple architecture. We specialize in delivering customized Indian architectural design and Temple Architect customized décor that goes beyond the limits of the usual imagination. Receiving the latest technology software, we design and deliver amazing Indian architecture soaked with pure original ideas. Our 93 years of experience in the field of designing inspires us to come out of the comfort zone and deliver some aesthetically stunning designing themes that are yet to be discovered.

We inspect the place of construction of the temple before going to the floor and evaluate the direction, income, constellation, expenditure, and fraction. Our skilled professionals work strictly on this and develop a great plan for the Indian Architectural Design and Temple Architect which engages every little detail about it. We maintain honesty, integrity, and complete transparency with our precious customers to eliminate potential misunderstandings that may ruin our relationship with our customers.

“Kundan Shilp” is a multi-disciplinary Indian architecture and architectural design firm established in Dhrangadhra (Gujarat). We operate on multiple scales for private clients and religious trusts. It allows us to use and diversify our work: Indian architecture and Indian architectural projects such as Indian architectural design, temple design, home temple design, urban temple design, rural temple design, ancient temple design, Medieval temple design, historical monument design, etc. Our design approach is to reconnect architecture with nature, making maximum use of space, materials, lighting, and landscape to refinance and transform living environments and urban spaces. We are dedicated to unique design approaches customized for each project and achieving a balance between functionality and architecture, context, climate, materials, cost, and

We Have Done Many Projects Of Indian Architectural Crafts In The Last 94 Years. We Have Done More Than 530 Works Of Indian And Vaastu Crafts For Different Cultures And Different Religions In India. Shri Bhudarlal Moolashankar Sompura Started Personalizing This Architectural Work In 1927 Years. After That, His Son Shri Ramshankar Bhudarlal Sompura Carried Out This Work. He Has Given The Name Of This Company “Kundan Shilp” To His Personal Profession. After That, His Son Mr. Bhupatbhai Ramshankar Sompura Was Running This Company Till 2010 And Now His Sons Mr. Ajaybhai Bhupatbhai Sompura And Mr. Bhaveshbhai Bhupatbhai Sompura Are Managing This Firm.


We have done many projects of Indian architectural crafts in the last 94 years. We have done more than 530 works of Indian and Vastu Shilp for different cultures and different religions in India.

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Kundan Shilp

meet our team

Bhavesh Sompura-Min

Bhavesh Sompura

Principal Temple Architect

Ajay Sompura-Min

Ajay Sompura

Temple Architect

Falgun Sompura-Min

Falgun Sompura

Manager of Product Department

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Parth Sompura

Traditional Designer

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650-Global Kitchen is located in the city center of Ahmedabad, our dream was to build this 650-Global Kitchen completely according to Indian architecture for which we chose Kundan Shilp and they realized our dream with hard work and dedication. Have done I heartily thank Kundan Shilp
Pc Patel Min Kundan Shilp
Mr. P C Patel
Owner of 650 global kitchen
Shri Ram Ji Temple is located at a distance of 12 km from the famous Somnath Temple. For whose renovation we chose the Kundan Shilp and with their skill, they made the Ramji temple very beautiful and grand by the rules of Indian architecture and craftsmanship. We thank the team of Kundan Shilp.
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Mr. Rajsibhai Jotva
BJP. MLA. Somnath
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